Ink Additives:

AP Reducer: An "All Purpose" tack reducer for oil based inks. Very stable, enviro-safe, and approved for use in quickest inks, oxidizing inks, forms inks, duplicator inks, and overprint varnishes. Typical add would be 3 to 6%, (Apx. ½ to 1 oz. per pound).

Komoplazm Reducer: A tack reducer for quickest inks. Cuts tack without slowing setting speed. Not recommended for laser inks or inks printing on plastics, foils, or other substrates calling for 100% oxidizing inks. Typical add would be 3 to 5%, (Apx. ½ to ¾ oz per pound).

Combo Drier: The most popular drier for oil based inks. Promotes both internal and surface drying of the ink. Typical add would be 2 to 3% (Apx. ¼ oz per pound).

Doctor Tuff Stuff: An ink additive to improve scuff resistance, drying, and laser compatibility. A 3 to 5% add is recommended. (Apx. ½ to ¾ oz per pound). Not recommended if coatings, laminates, foils, or imprinting will be applied.

HWR Varnish: Heavy water resistant varnish. Helps build tack and viscosity, and resistance to emulsification. Typical add would be 5 to 10% (Apx. 1 to 2 oz per pound).

Fountain solution additives:

Fountain Drier Stimulator: A fountain solution additive that aids ink drying. Typical add is 1 to 2 oz per gallon. Note: over-dosing can lead to tinting or chalking problems.

Complexing Solution: A fountain solution additive that offsets the negative effects of calcium build-up in the dampening system. Though not a substitute for proper dampening system maintenance, adding 1 oz for every gallon of fountain solution can delay calcium related toning, blinding, and roller stripping, for a short time. Note: over-dosing can slow ink drying.

Overprints & Coatings (see also our tab for "coatings")

Strikethru Dull Varnish: This special dull overprint varnish is printed just before gloss aqueous coating is applied, and shows-through the gloss coating as dull. Many striking special effects are made possible with this fairly simple method of contrasting dull and glossy images on the same sheet.

Dura Soft Feel Coating: This is an aqueous coating that produces a soft "rubberized" feel on the sheet. It is very transparent, has good scratch resistance, and produces a soft satin look. See our tech sheet on this product.

Kwik Shine Gloss Overprint: Fast setting, fast drying, high-gloss overprint varnish for fast work and turn jobs.

Armor Overprint Varnish: Very hard drying, very high slip, for the best scuff resistance.

Equinox Gloss Overprint Varnish: The highest gloss, and a good choice for perfecting.


Anti-skin spray: An aerosol spray that temporarily delays ink skinning.

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