Services & support.

It's hard to put a value on good service and support, but whatever that value is, it's high. A vendor's capability to provide timely and effective support should be a major consideration in selecting an Ink supplier. Service and support is that "ounce of prevention" that pays such high dividends. Welcome to a higher level of support.

Rush Service. We know how quickly your losses mount when your press is down. That's why Graphic Ink stocks the most extensive selection of Pantone colors in the seven State area, and has invested in the manpower and equipment necessary to process multiple rush orders simultaneously. Next Day Air shipping is also available.

Custom color matching. Need to match the color of an object? A swatch? A substance? Whatever? Graphic Ink utilizes the most up to date computer color matching software and hardware, and employs several skilled and experienced color matching technicians. As a manufacturer, Graphic Ink also has a more extensive range of pigments to choose from than other ink vendors; insuring the best possible match for your customer.

Ink proofing. Graphic Ink can provide you with professionally prepared and mounted proofs of any color on any substrate. Our proofs are prepared on an IGT analytical proof press. Coatings, overprints, or laminates, can be applied to all, or part, of any proof. Our proofs are delivered in triplicate in an attractive and professional presentation jacket with all the appropriate identification.

Technical consulting. We've been at this a long time, we know what works and what doesn't work. We have ongoing joint research projects, and stay well connected through local and national networks. GRACoL G7 calibration, ISO certification, printing for food packaging, green printing, printing plastics or foils, alternative products and techniques; whatever your technical challenges, we can assist you.

Ink, water, paper, and press-sheet analysis. Graphic Ink Company maintains a fully equipped laboratory in Salt Lake City for testing the characteristics of ink, fountain solution, and paper. Such testing is essential for effective trouble shooting, technical support, product development, and customer service.

Trouble shooting assistance. Why is the coating scratching-off? What are these stripes in my solids? Why does the color take so long to come back after a shut-down? How come my ink isn't drying? Why does the color look different today that when I printed it? Almost always there are several possible explanations for each question. We help you identify the cause and suggest an appropriate solution.

Custom Formulation. As a manufacturer, Graphic Ink is not limited to a handful of pre-made mixing bases. We have the resources, materials, and know-how, necessary to prepare the ideal product for your application. This capability has allowed our customers to succeed where other printers fail.

Service calls. Graphic Ink has former pressmen on staff who can often help walk your operators through a process of ellimination when you're unsure about the source of a problem. When necessary, we've made on-sight service calls to keep customers productive or to participate in job planning discussions.  

Collaboration. The best quality printing, and the highest efficiency, results when the ingenuity, teamwork, and commitment of the ink maker and printer are united in purpose. This kind of collaboration is a distinguishing characteristic of Graphic Ink Company. Allow us to support your success too.