Process Inks

4 Color Process

Below is a partial list of popular process inks. Also available are heatset web, coldset web, forms, UV curable, and waterless litho inks, as well as several other sheetfed formulas to satisfy other requirements. Our technical sales department can assist you with the appropriate recommendations.

Glosscure: A versatile ink series suited for a variety of coated or uncoated papers. Characterized by fast start-ups and good color stability; also fast drying, coatable, laser safe, and ISO 2846-1 compliant for GRACoL G7 application. Good for perfecting.

Graphicure: A sister product to Glosscure, but with enhanced scuff resistance for matte and dull coated papers. Also, coatable, laser safe, and ISO compliant. Like Glosscure, this ink is well suited for perfecting.

EcoTec: Designed for the environmentally conscious consumer. An incredibly high 65% BRC (bio renewable content), and near zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds), EcoTec satisfies even the most demanding environmental objectives. This product has been winning converts since its first release by Graphic Ink in July of 2007. Perfects well and is ISO 2846-1 complaint.

Photon: A quick-setting, high color-strength ink with long open time. Fastest setting on gloss coated papers, Photon gets very good mileage and is very sharp printing. Fully coatable and stampable.

Lexan: 100% oxidizing ink for plastics, foils, and other non-absorbent surfaces. This is a winning formula that has proven itself in thousands of situations over several years. We offer pre-testing of Lexan on your substrate to insure success. Also available in "LoFade" for outdoor applications.

Topstack II: A fast setting ink with good scuff resistance properties. Topstack II is skinless for about 48 hours, is ISO 2846-1 compliant, and is coatable and stampable.

Note: We have other formulas not listed here, so don't struggle with ink that isn't well suited for your application. Graphic Ink can determine the right product for your application, and has the capability to make whatever alterations are necessary to make you more productive and successful.